A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting


Thanks for buying DIY, Dammit! A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting.

Below are some templates and design ideas for some of the crafts in the book. Some of the templates work for multiple crafts. All of them are hand drawn, so I apologize in advance.

There are also tons of ideas floating around on the internet, so feel free to open a new tab and explore!


Felt of Feels Ornament Ideas 

Bow Tie Key Chain Template

You're Welcome Card/Because I Said Sew Ideas

Sandman Mask Template

Hand Stamp Ideas

Classy Clutch Template ONE and TWO (Cut out both and tape them together where the dotted line is on each -- it will be symmetrical) 

Coffee Coozie Template

Mirror Fun ONE and TWO

Get Carried Away Tote Template (I used a bowl to make the circle you see the letters inside of in the book, then traced that onto freezer paper and put the letters inside)

Pop Top Beer Poncho Template (okay, so my lines aren't TOTALLY straight, but you get the idea)

Looker Lunch Bag Dimensions (NOT TO SIZE: just so you can get an idea for how it will look!)

Lighten Up Tank/Nail Art Templates ONE, TWO and THREE


DIYD Dog Dino Hoodie with Beanz and Mamrie Hart SPIKE TEMPLATE (dog and human sized options)

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Napkin Holders with Meg Allan Cole HAT TEMPLATE ONE and TWO